Urban Water Strategy

Central Highlands Water’s 2017 Urban Water Strategy provides a 50 year water outlook for communities of the Central Highlands region. It includes information to:

  • Provide context to the water and wastewater services CHW provide and the communities we serve
  • Summarise factors influencing CHW’s future service delivery (including population growth, climate change,  regulatory requirements, policy directions and customer needs)
  • Assess water supply and demand scenarios for the next 50 years
  • Assess wastewater capacity and needs over a 20-30 year outlook
  • Identify where action will (or may) be required in the short term (within 5 years) or long term (within 50 years) to meet current and future customer and community needs
  • Communicate the strategic actions CHW commit to implementing, and estimated timeframes in which they will be delivered

The main body document of the Urban Water Strategy is available for download in the 'Links menu'. Further work is being completed on the Appendices and Drought Preparedness Plans and these will be uploaded in later revision/s.

The strategy is a living document and content may be subject to change in response to new information and understanding. Every 12 months (by December of each year) CHW will report on the Strategy via its Annual Water Outlook, including any changes. Every five years the entire strategy will be fully revised and updated.  CHW welcome any comment or information that supports this ongoing process.

The Strategy has been developed in accordance with CHW’s Ministerial 2015 Statement of Obligations (Clause 6-1) and other State Government requirements, including guidelines for assessing the impact of climate change on water supplies. The Strategy has been endorsed by the Minister for Water, Hon Lisa Neville MP.