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Water Rebates


All Victorian domestic households, including those that are not connected to a mains water supply can obtain rebates on eligible home and garden products purchased and installed between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2013.

Households can now obtain a rebate on a 5 star water (WELS), 4 star energy washing machine and a pool cover with a roller or reel.

Other eligible products include rainwater tanks connected to a toilet and/or laundry, water efficient showerheads, upgrading to eligible dual flush toilets, garden products and systems for reusing household waste water.

See the full list of eligible products>>

For more information and to view the terms and conditions, visit the Department of Sustainability website.


 Home and Garden Rebate Brochure (2.65 MB)

See “Eligible products” below.



Eligible Products



Rebate Amount ($)

Tank to toilet/laundry connection

Connecting an existing tank to toilet or laundry.


Rainwater Tank Rebate

2000 - 3999 L and connected to toilet and/or laundry


Rainwater Tank Rebate

>4000 L and connected to toilet or laundry


Rainwater Tank Rebate

>4000 L and connected to toilet and laundry


Dual Flush Toilet/Cistern

6/3 L or 4.5/3 L (or better).


Water efficient showerhead 3-star WELS rated

$10 rebate for product greater than $30 and less than $100

$20 rebate for product >$100

NOTE: 2 claims allowed per household



Permanent Greywater System

Treatment type permanent greywater systems must be approved by the EPA and listed on the EPA website and non-treatment systems must be assessed by DSE and listed on the Greywater Systems Rebates page.


Water audit

By accredited professional auditor (i.e. plumber or other qualified professional).


Hot water re-circulator

Model must return water to system, not to tank


Basket of Goods

Only one rebate allowed per property per calendar year (see below for listing of eligible basket of goods products).

$30 when $100 or more spent on eligible products

Washing Machine

Minimum 5 star water (WELS) and 4 star energy rated washing machines. To be reviewed after 12 months. A list of eligible washing machine models is available.


Pool covers

Available for pool covers with a roller or device to assist with the covering/uncovering of the pool. Pool covers must be a Smart Approved WaterMark product and also be a minimum of 400 microns thick and be UV stabilised.