Overflow relief gullies

An overflow relief gully (ORG) is a plumbing component designed to release any sewage outside and away from the interior of your home should a property connection drain or sewer main become blocked.

What does it look like?

An overflow relief gully is a drain-like fitting made of plastic or metal located outside of a building.

Properties connected after the mid-70’s should have an overflow relief gully (usually surrounded by concrete). Prior to this time, homes are unlikely to have one fitted unless additional works have been carried out since.

View an overflow relief gully

How does it work?

If a sewer blockage causes the flow to backup, the overflow relief gully should lift up and release the sewage outside of your home. You should never cover your overflow relief gully as this may prevent it from working in an emergency.

Customers are responsible for the overflow relief gully on their property. Learn more

A licensed plumber should be contacted if you do not have an ORG or require an alteration to an older fitting. All costs are the responsibility of the property owner.