Medical needs

Central Highlands Water keeps an up-to-date register of customers who need water for the operation of a life support machine or other special needs (assessed on a case by case basis).

There are two very broad categories of special needs customers:

  • Health related - home dialysis and other dialysis machine locations such as hospitals
  • Other special needs considered on a case by case basis when preparing for a planned shutdown, or on application

Special needs customers will be given at least 4 days notice of a planned interruption which is in accordance with our Customer Charter.

To register

Central Highlands Water will maintain all the following details in its special needs customer register:

  • Name of customer or treatment centre (ie. hospital);
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Billing reference number

To register, contact us or call our Customer Resolution Officer on 1800 061 514.

Once registered:

  • A blue valve cover cap is placed on appropriate valves to alert central Highlands Water staff that there is a special needs customer connected to the main.
  • The water meter at the property is painted blue and tagged with an appropriate warning that the meter must not be turned off without notifying the customer and or Central Highlands Water.

We carry out an annual audit to confirm all blue valve cover caps remain in place.