Building and renovating

If you’re building a new home, renovating or redeveloping an existing property in the Central Highlands Water service area, it’s best that you, your architect or plumber check with us before commencing work.

By working together, we can ensure your property’s water supply and sewerage connections are correct and comply with all regulations, while protecting valuable water and sewer infrastructure.


Locating water and sewerage pipes

To learn the general location of Central Highlands Water’s water supply and sewerage assets it’s recommended you contact our Technical Enquiries Team and request asset information for your property via email or phone 1800 061 514.

For more information about obtaining a drainage plan, advice about building over easements and obtaining approval for works, go to the Development section of this website.



Can I do my own plumbing work?

No, incorrect water and sanitary plumbing can create a health risk.

It is an offence under Victorian law for anyone other than a person licensed by the Victorian Building Authority to perform plumbing work.

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Do I need approval from Central Highlands Water?

Yes, if there is plumbing works required. Owners, their plumber or architect need to apply for consent to connect water and sewerage or to alter any works already connected.

Do I need to get a guarantee from my plumber?

Yes. A Certificate of Compliance for all plumbing work (valued at $750 or more) and for any in ground sewerage drainage work must be issued to the property owner by a licensed plumber. For your protection, the Certificate comes with a 10 year guarantee of the works.

To learn more, or to verify the compliance certificate you have receive go to the Victorian Building Commission website.

Do I need to submit plans to Central Highlands Water for approval for additions, garages, sheds or walls?

Yes. It’s important for sewer mains and access holes to be accessible at all times for emergency work and maintenance. Property owners who build without the Corporation's consent may be prosecuted and forced to remove any buildings that are over or too close to sewers.

How close to a sewer main can I build?

No less than 1 metre – and if there’s an easement on the title the distance may be even further.

Can I cover a sewer access hole on my property?

No. These holes are an access chamber for maintenance and emergency purposes. Landowners must ensure access to these chambers at all times.

Can I build over my own sanitary drain?

You can, but the building surveyor who issues your building certificate should advise you about the work and Victorian Building Authority approvals involved, the possible costly repairs you may encounter in future and may suggest you relocate the drain.

Does Central Highlands Water control residential stormwater drainage?

No, these are controlled by your local Council.

Am I allowed to build over an overflow relief gully?

No, it should never be covered.

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