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Empowering Communities To Target Their Water Use

Central Highlands Water is encouraging all customers in the Central Highlands region to get involved in a new water efficiency program targeted at rural and regional Victorians.

The Victorian Government has launched ‘Target Your Water Use’, a partner to the successful ‘Target 155’ program operating across metropolitan Melbourne.

Target Your Water Use is a voluntary water efficiency program designed to assist and encourage regional Victorians to use their water wisely.

The program’s focus is on taking a longer-term view of water usage habits in the Central Highlands region, while providing locals better access to the information they need to make informed decisions about the amount of water they use.

The program recognises that each water business faces a unique set of circumstances and a one size fits all approach does not work in all cases and that a diverse range of water sources and efficiency measures are needed to help ensure there will be enough water to meet all our needs now and into the future.

Victorian water customers are encouraged to contact Central Highlands Water to learn more about solutions and products on offer that assist in using water more efficiently.

While recent rainfall was a welcome change, it is clear that climate change and population growth continue to pose a serious risk to our water future, with our catchments and storages set to again experience dry periods in the future.

Target Your Water Use will also involve education campaigns in primary and secondary schools across the region to educate them on the water cycle and how to use water wisely.

Minister for Water Lisa Neville said: “Victorians living in rural and regional areas understand all too well the pressures of drought and water security. Conditions can change quickly and we need to be preparing for drier conditions now.”

“This program will help residents and business owners play their part in tackling those challenges, allowing them to make informed decisions about their water use by delivering new tools like comparative water use data,” said Minister Neville.

For more information visit: www.chw.net.au/targetyourwateruse