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A Secure Water Future for Maryborough

Maryborough has experienced unreliable rainfall for a number of years, and as a result the region has often relied upon groundwater to supplement reservoir water supply.

To secure a prosperous water future for residents, Central Highlands Water are on track to deliver a $5.6 Million water investment, to safeguard the region from further drought and climate variability.

Central Highlands Water Managing Director, Paul O’Donohue said, “An upgraded water treatment facility at the Maryborough water treatment plant, will ensure year round, quality water is supplied to residents and businesses.”

“The facility will ensure water quality meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines irrespective of whether the source is surface water, groundwater or a combination of both.”

“Over time, customers will notice improvements in taste and odour and a reduction in water hardness,” said Mr O’Donohue.

The plant is expected to be operational early 2017.