• Enquiries and Faults 1800 061 514
  • Water Storages: 78.00%

Preparation for Significant Weather Event

Central Highlands Water are preparing for the extreme weather conditions expected to hit the region in the coming days.

During a significant weather event Central Highlands Water are responsible for protecting and maintaining drinking water and sewerage services.

Central Highlands Water Managing Director, Paul O’Donohue said, “In the event of localised flooding we urge customers to contact VICSES however, if customers experience any issues with their water quality or sewerage services we ask them to contact Central Highlands Water on 1800 061 514.”

To help avoid sewer backflow at your property we urge customers to check that their overflow relief gully trap is clear and accessible.

An overflow relief gully is a drain-like fitting located outside the home. It is designed to release any sewage overflow away from the interior of your home in the event of a sewer blockage.

Throughout the weather event, Central Highlands Water will be displaying current information about water and sewerage services on their website at: www.chw.net.au/emergency-information