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Partnership delivers alternative water supply for Learmonth Recreation Reserve

Central Highlands Water (CHW) and the City of Ballarat (COB) are jointly funding an investigation for the development of an alternative groundwater supply for the Learmonth Recreation Reserve.

Jacqueline O’Neill, CHW General Manager of Customer and Community said, “The development of a dedicated groundwater supply to irrigate the Learmonth Oval is very important to the community and will provide an alternative water supply instead of expending Learmonth’s drinking water supply.”

“The Oval is an important venue for regional games and is valued for its high quality surface,” Ms O’Neill said.

Currently, the oval is watered from the CHW system, however drinking water is not needed for this use. The high demand of water for the oval puts pressure on the CHW system at peak times, therefore finding an alternative source will ease the load on the potable supply providing a more reliable supply for Learmonth customers and community. Finding an alternative source will also reduce the need for future upgrades on the system.

“A new bore will also be very useful for emergency situations, including firefighting, as well as other community requirements such as roadworks and potentially streetscape watering,” said Mr Terry Demeo, City of Ballarat’s Director of Infrastructure and Environment.

“Overall, this project aligns strongly with integrated water management principles, supplying local, fit for purpose water at lower overall cost to the community as well as providing a more reliable water supply and increased opportunity for growth,” Mr Demeo said.