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Improving infrastructure for future generations

Central Highlands Water (CHW) announces a new sewer pump station and wet weather detention storage facility in Kennedys Drive, Delacombe.

Mrs Rachel Thomson, Board Director at Central Highlands Water says that CHW continues to focus on the performance and lifetime of their infrastructure networks, ensuring the liveability and wellbeing of customers, enabling the region to achieve its potential for economic development.

“This major sewer project continues our successful collaboration with the City of Ballarat with the new facility to ensure that the ongoing development in the Ballarat West Urban Growth Zone (BWUGZ) and new residential developments, including Lucas Estate, Carngham Road and Alfredton West precincts can be accommodated and managed,” said Mrs Thomson.

“The new facility provides capacity for 5800 residential lots and has a back-up generator for continual power supply.

“The key benefits of the new facility will also support the management of flows during a 1 in 5 year rainfall event, provide capacity for future growth and development and optimises the Waste Water Treatment Plant and our investment into the region’s wastewater services,” Mrs Thomson said.

Jaydo Construction Pty Ltd has been awarded to construct the new sewer pump station and storage facility which will be completed by the end of 2017.  


More Information

A collaborative approach between Central Highlands Water and the City of Ballarat has drawn together the most current information available from developers with input from engineers and planners from both organisations.

The information is key in providing forecast estimates of when key infrastructure will be constructed in the Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan. This will indicate when roads, sewer and water pipelines and stormwater systems will be constructed to service new housing developments.  

Having a consistent set of forecasts provides clarity for developers designing new housing developments and also ensures construction processes are optimised, resulting in less disruption to residents and most efficient use of available resources.

Ballarat will need to accommodate the expected population growth of 40,000 people by 2030.  

The consolidated forecast plans show when Central Highlands Water and the City of Ballarat anticipate constructing key infrastructure from the current budgets and works programs through to 2026. The two organisations will work collectively to update the forecasts on an annual basis to align with the market movements and development industry expectations.

The plans are available to view or download from http://chw.net.au/development/development-servicing-plans and http://www.ballarat.vic.gov.au/pbs/city-strategy/ballarat-west.aspx