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Every Drop Counts at Peppers in Daylesford

Central Highlands Water (CHW) continue to focus on the Daylesford and Hepburn area to help provide reliable high quality water to local residents and businesses however, low rainfall and a dry hot summer means every drop counts.

On Monday 21 March at 12.30pm, Central Highlands Water Managing Director Paul O’Donohue met with Wayne Cross, Co-owner of Dayget and Peppers Mineral Springs, Daylesford to congratulate the hotel on their installation of 70 water-efficient showerheads provided by CHW.

Dayget are also collaborating with CHW in a water audit of 17 self-contained accommodation properties to explore further water efficiency measures.

3 star water-efficient shower heads can reduce the flow of water to less than 9 litres per minute. The reduction in water used also reduces the energy required to heat the water. This can add up to significant savings for self-contained apartments like that managed by Dayget.

Replacing old showerheads is one of the easiest ways to save water, energy and money. CHW customers are reminded that they can bring their old showerhead in to our Ballarat or Maryborough office and we will exchange it for a new 3-star showerhead for free.

For more information visit chw.net.au or phone 1800 061 514