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$1.5 million Investment for Daylesford & Hepburn Communities

Central Highlands Water (CHW) are investing $1.5 million in the Daylesford and Hepburn area to help provide reliable high quality water to local residents and businesses.

The substantial investment is made up of a number of improvement projects with the first having started in December 2015.  The initial scheme to install 8 bulk water flow meters, provided an early detection system to CHW operations which helps in reducing the time taken to locate any unreported burst water main activity as well as provide real time information which assists monitoring of water usage across the area. Other works which form part of the overall investment include: upgrading pumps and infrastructure at Hepburn Reservoir, replacing the spillway at Bullarto Reservoir, investigating additional groundwater resources within the area, tagging fire services and refurbishing and renewing the low level tank in Hill Street to monitor water usage. The investment also includes provision for projects dedicated to improving assets such as the water network, monitoring and pressure management systems.

Central Highlands Water Managing Director, Paul O’Donohue said ‘we are investing in our monitoring systems, infrastructure and assets in the Daylesford and Hepburn region and working hard to ensure we continue to provide reliable, high quality water to our valued customers’.

Mr O’Donohue further added ‘We appreciate that some of these schemes can cause some disruption to residents and and we would like to thank people in advance for bearing with us while the work is ongoing.”


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