e3Water program - coming soon

Why introduce the e3Water program?

Through our ongoing engagement programs, our customers have told us that they want to be engaged on how to monitor and manage their own water use better, be empowered to make decisions quickly, particularly when there is a leak and, be enabled to jump online and have flexible payment arrangements rather than receiving the standard three (3) water bills per year.

What is the e3Water program?

To meet our commitment to engage, empower and enable our customers, the e3Water program will include an end-to-end solution. It will implement digital metering across our community, deliver a secured network system to transfer data from the meters, create an online customer portal linked to our billing systems and smart digital interfaces that will be easy to use 24/7.

In 2017, we commenced a digital metering proof of concept with 507 homes in the Ballarat area with great results. These results and our research both in Australia and overseas will be applied to ensure we maximise the outcomes for our customers and where possible for our business systems. 

Where to from here?

We will continue to engage with our customers prior to the planned commencement of installation in July 2020.