Property connections

There are a few simple steps involved in connecting and/or extending water and sewer services to a property or new development.

As every situation is different the first thing you should do is contact our Technical Enquiries Team.

Our technical staff will be able to tell you if a connection is possible and what you are required to do going forward – this service is free of charge.

If it is possible to connect, find out which category your property falls into.

Connect to existing water/sewer services

Connect multiple dwellings to existing water/sewer services

Extend water/sewer services to connect



If a water or sewer main passes my property does this mean I can connect to it?

In most instances you can, but in some cases a connection may not be possible. Our Property Connections Officer can tell you if you can connect to a particular water or sewer main.

Fees and charges depending on individual circumstances may apply.

What are the costs of plumbing connection?

The costs will vary depending on the situation.

Plumbing costs – contact a licensed plumber and obtain a quote

Planning permit – contact your local council (if required)

Application fees – Our fees and charges, as determined by the Essential Services Commission, are available here.

What are the costs of a water or sewer extension?

To get an accurate understanding of the potential costs, obtain an estimate from a Central Highland Water approved engineering consultant.

Find a consultant

This will generally include fees for:

  • Area contribution
  • Engineering consultant
  • Notice of agreement application
  • Town planning
  • Connection
  • Intensive auditing

What is Central Highlands Water’s role in connecting water and sewer services?

We can help you get connected by providing:

Advice – we’ll advise you if a water or sewer connection is possible and the steps you need to take to get connected.

Consent – we’ll grant consent for plumbing connections and water or sewer extensions to proceed.

Standards – we’ll provide and enforce the standards and guidelines that must be followed when connecting to or extending water or sewage mains.

Monitoring – we’ll conduct random audits of water and sewer extensions to monitor the quality of services and products provided to customers.

Who do I contact if I have any queries?

If you have engaged a plumber or consultant then contact them directly. If they are unable to assist you then contact us at the details below - our team of technical experts are happy to help.

Connect to existing water/sewer services

Technical Enquiries Team
P: 1800 061 514
E: technical.enquiries(at)

Connect multiple dwellings to existing water/sewer services

Technical Enquiries Team
P: 1800 061 514
E: technical.enquiries(at)

Extend water/sewer services to connect

Land Development Team
P: 1800 061 514
E: land.development(at)