Connect multiple dwellings to existing water/sewer services

If your property is serviced by existing water/sewer systems and you plan to connect multiple dwellings (normally in conjunction with a subdivision and or the demolishment of existing building/s), follow these simple steps:

Step 1 General enquiries to ascertain the location of existing mains and connections and to scope supply availability may be made by contacting, in the first instance, one of our Connections Officers. If additional assistance is required regarding land development procedures a member of our Land Development Team will be able to assist. 
Step 2 At or about this stage we would expect that you need to receive advice from an architect and engage in the planning application process with the local municipal Council.
Step 3 When you are ready to seek connection approval, normally after you have a firm building plan and any necessary permits, you will need to apply for a Notice of Agreement (non-works). We will then formally advise you what our conditions of connection are and any associated approval costs.   
Step 4 Upon your written acceptance of the connection conditions, and payment of any prescribed fees, we will issue to you our formal ‘Consent’ to connect. This consent will enable your plumber to commence work and to book plumbing inspections through the Victorian Building Authority (Plumbing).  
Step 5 At the completion of the works your Plumber will be required to submit to us a plan of the ‘as-constructed’ works as evidence that the connection has been completed and to be used as a future reference to what was installed. 
Step 6 When we are satisfied that the servicing conditions in the notice of agreement have been complied with, including the return of the “as-constructed plans”, we will provide our consent to the Statement of Compliance from Council for the subdivision.
Step 7 Tariffs for water and sewerage will be applied to each new dwelling or allotment created.