Build over easements

Before building or extending a structure over an easement or within 1 metre (laterally) of Central Highlands Water’s sewer and water infrastructure, it’s important to gain written approval from us beforehand.

Rules and policies for build-over’s are in place to protect and maintain access to the community’s water and sewerage assets in case repairs or maintenance are required.


What do I need approval for?

If you’re not sure about what you can build on or near Central Highlands Water assets, contact us. The items listed below require our written consent.

Dwelling, commercial or industrial property Tennis court or lawn bowling green
Eaves of building Retaining wall
Brick, paling or post and wire fence Excavation and landscaping
Water tank Concreting/driveways/paving
Swimming pool, spa, sauna


Shed Timber decking
Garage or carport  


How do I get approval?

Complete our online application form and submit it to us – we’ll contact you shortly after with a decision.

Application for Works over Assets/Easement