Kirks, Moorabool and Gong Gong reservoir parks are ideal for outdoor  wedding ceremonies – but it’s important you book well in advance…

  • Although weddings are booked in advance, we cannot guarantee exclusive access to the parks as they are public places.
  • Wedding ceremonies at Kirks Reservoir Park are only allowed during specified times and in the allococated areas - flat lawn and wooden rotunda cannot be double-booked as they are in the same area
  • There are two rotundas at Kirks Reservoir Park  available for wedding ceremonies on request – a wooden rotunda near the flat lawn area and a steel rotunda near the Reservoir wall
  • Gong Gong have two open wooden pagodas
  • A ‘take home rubbish’ policy exists in the parks so please take your rubbish with you when you leave.
  • No confetti is to be used in the parks or gardens, including the carpark.
  • If the day is declared a total fire ban, our parks gates will be closed to traffic.  Pedestrian access is available to the gardens at Kirk Reservoir Park -  (park on Ballarat-Daylesford Rd instead). 
  • During extreme weather events (hail/thunderstorms/high winds, for example), we reserve the right to close the parks for public safety. Please have a "back up plan" for your special day
  • Parking - please use the area adjacent to Daylesford Road if possible- no parking on the grass or tree roots in the Park
  • Speed - please ensure your guests respect the road signs and drive at a sedate pace for the peace of all who use the Park

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Moorabool Reservoir Park

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How to book

Please be aware that bookings will only be considered for events that meet our published guidelines.

To make a wedding booking:

Step 1: Go to our events calendar to find out if the date and time are available. Events calendar  please NOTE not all bookings can be seen on each day, due to extra booking sites available.  We are working on a new calendar for the website.  Please call 1800 061 514 and mention you have an inquiry about wedding bookings to discuss.

Step 2:  Download the Application for Use, complete and return it to us via email or post to:

Communications & Engagement

Central Highlands Water

PO Box 152

Ballarat VIC 3353

Step 3: We will contact you to confirm your booking.  (If you do not receive confirmation within 2 weeks, please call to follow up)

Please note that weddings will not be confirmed until we receive the completed application form