Let's Talk Water

As part of the Pricing Submission to the Essential Services Commission (activated 1 July), Central Highlands Water (CHW) have been delivering a number of new and improved services for customers, while guaranteeing price certainty for the next five years.
New services include:
An online customer account portal
SMS/email alerts for water supply interruptions
Improved water quality for smaller townships
The capping of water bills at or below CPI (over the next 5-years)
The new services and revised pricing was developed in consultation with over 1,000 CHW customers and stakeholders through CHW’s Let’s Talk Water initiative, one of the organisations biggest customer engagement consultations to date.
The Let’s Talk Water customer initiative involved: 
A customer satisfaction survey (834 customers)
Community visits (23)
One-to-one meetings with major commercial customers
Meetings with local government and regulatory agencies
A young leaders focus group
A community discussion forum
The establishment of a customer reference group
For more information please view our Let's Talk Water review document.

Community Amenity Plan 2018 - 2023

The Community Amenity Plan 2018 - 2023 identifies local sites across our service area for improvements to amenities such as water fountains, fire hydrants and greening of community spaces.
This plan has been developed following extensive community engagement during the Let’s Talk Water program. For more information please view our Community Amenity Plan document.