Greening Schools Project

In 2017, the Victorian State Government and Central Highlands Water announced the Ballarat Greening Schools recycled water project.
The Greening Schools initiative was realised through the Victorian State Government’s generous support of $1 Million and $25,000 from both Central Highlands Water and Ballarat Grammar.
Derived with a focus on sustainability, the local environment, innovation and industry leadership, the initiative is based on effective and efficient use of Class A recycled water.
New infrastructure now delivers Class A recycled water from the Ballarat North Treatment plant, to the school ovals at Ballarat Grammar and Wendouree Primary School.


The initiative will save potable water and enable Wendouree Primary and Ballarat Grammar students to enjoy green play spaces, where they once endured hard, dry surfaces during times of low rainfall.
The new infrastructure installed by Central Highlands Water will transport approximately 25 million litres of Class A recycled water per annum to Ballarat Grammar, where it will be stored and then pumped to irrigate ovals at both schools.
By reducing mains water use at the schools during the warmer months, the Greening Schools initiative will save approximately 25 million litres of mains water per annum, which will also relieve pressure on the local potable mains water supply.
The project also aims to encourage student discussion and the dissemination of education programmes, designed by Central Highlands Water, about recycled water, sustainability and our environment.


Download the Fact Sheet here