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Catchment to tap video

Water travels from our reservoirs to our treatment plants and then to your taps. Have you ever wondered how it gets there and what happens after you've used it?

This video is aligned to the Victorian Curriculum: Year 7 Geography (VCGGK105) (VCGGK106) and Year 7 Science (VCSSU101)


Schools Water Efficiency Program

We are now offering to fund all schools in our service region to join the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP). SWEP provides and installs data loggers that detect water leaks. The program also provides an education platform about water use to Victorian schools.

SWEP would usually cost your school $300 plus GST for the first three years (and $150 per year thereafter). There are no extra charges. Your school will need to have an active agreement with SWEP but CHW will pay your annual fees.

Over 1,140 Victorian schools have registered for SWEP and have saved more than 6.5 billion litres of drinking water over the last six years through detecting leaks and faulty appliances. The cost saving for schools of these water losses would have totalled more than $20 million.

For more information, email us

Find out more about SWEP here



Be Smart Choose Tap

We support the Be Smart Choose Tap campaign that encourages people to choose tap water over bottled water for their health, wallet and for the environment.

Our resources include:

BSCT Years 3-4 lesson plans and activities

BSCT Years 5-6 lesson plans and activities

BSCT Years F-2 lesson plans and activities

Fountains and Drains board game

How water keeps you healthy fact sheet

How water keeps you healthy puzzle

Stay healthy stay hydrated fact sheet

Tap man colour in sheet

Wee chart primary

Wee chart upper primary


Find out more about the Be Smart Choose Tap initiative



Drinking Water Treatment

Our drinking water is treated in line with strict government guidelines. The treatment process is outlined in this video from Veolia.

Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater treatment process is outlined in this video of Ballarat South Wastewater Treatment Plant.



Recycled water

Recycled water is treated wastewater that can be used for irrigating sporting ovals and playing fields. The Greening Schools project video highlights the benefits of recycled water in our community for topping up Lake Wendouree and watering ovals in dry times.

Find out more about the Greening Schools Project



Water – Learn It. Live It.

A suite of educational resources for teachers of Prep to Year 10 that helps schools implement water education in the curriculum and aims to inspire positive change in students' knowledge, attitude and behaviour toward water.

The water curriculum resource provides three volumes of water information and activities to use with primary and secondary students. Water is explored through Science, English, Geography, Mathematics, Communications, Music and Art with activities to suit all learning levels.

You can find our Teacher Resources here

Self-guided options

Our reservoir parks, Kirks and Gong Gong, offer large open spaces for picnics and school excursions.

There are a number of self-guided walks including:

  • Nesting box trail (Gong Gong Reservoir Park)
  • Wetlands trail (Gong Gong Reservoir Park)
  • Outdoor Education Centre (Kirks Reservoir Park)

Find out more about Kirks Reservoir Park here.

Find out more about Gong Gong Reservoir Park here.

Book a Tour

One week per term during the year, we offer tours to our parks, reservoirs, treatment plants and our laboratory. Topics include catchment health, water in the environment, water treatment, water testing and wastewater treatment.

Parks and reservoir tours are suitable for upper primary and lower secondary groups.

Treatment plant and laboratory tours are suitable for VCE and tertiary groups.

Advance booking is essential.

In-School Presentations

One week per term during the year, an education officer is available to deliver Be Smart Choose Tap presentations and other presentations related to water, water efficiency and the water and wastewater treatment processes. These presentations are suitable for kindergarten and primary school groups.


National Water Week

Each year we celebrate National Water Week with a poster competition involving local primary schools. We offer a range of community and school events during this week, depending on the theme.

Begonia Festival


Central Highlands Water has a large area at Begonia Festival each year. We run a school and community competition that asks students to create artwork for display at the festival.

Maryborough Energy Breakthrough

We support the Maryborough Energy Breakthrough each year through the Innovations in Technology event.


WaterAid Australia


Across the world, people are forced to walk very long distances just to collect filthy water, girls are dropping out of school because there are no private toilets, and young children are not surviving to see their fifth birthday because of preventable diseases.

At Central Highlands Water we believe in the right for all people to access clean and safe drinking water and adequate sanitation, so support WaterAid to help those less fortunate across the world.

Over the last three years the Central Highlands Water WaterAid team have raised over $50,000 for WaterAid Australia through events like the Ballarat Begonia Festival, staff golf days and public water bottle sales.

For more information visit the Water Aid website


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