Welcome to the Learmonth community portal.

Central Highlands Water (CHW) has set up this portal specifically for the Learmonth community. It is an avenue and opportunity for two-way communication and engagement to take place.

This portal will be updated with information on an ongoing basis and there is also the opportunity for you to provide comments and feedback on matters you believe would be of interest to CHW.

CHW aims to work collaboratively with the community to obtain a deeper level of understanding of customer concerns and preferences and together investigate options for water quality improvements.

We look forward to our conversations and to working together, now and into the future.


Learmonth Community Engagement

As part of CHW’s Let’s Talk Water initiative, the community engagement in Learmonth aimed to facilitate collaboration with residents in order to better understand community needs around services and water quality. 

Learmonth community members, Catherine Chibnall and Anthony Penhall, discuss our community engagement in the videos below.





Community Forum

We undertook a community survey and community forum at the Learmonth Bowling Club in March 2018.


Water Quality Survey Results

The Let’s Talk Water community forum and survey allowed CHW to capture invaluable insight from conversations with community members.

The Learmonth Water Supply - Water Quality Options Review provides a summary of the findings.

Please leave a comment below if you would like to provide feedback about the review summary.

You can view the Water Quality Options Review summary here.

Download (PDF 1.3MB)


Investment in Learmonth

We are spending over half a million dollars on new water infrastructure for Learmonth, which includes the installation of a new 500,000 litre water tank and new bore infrastructure. 

A new and larger tank as well as new bore infrastructure will ensure safe, reliable and secure water for the township of Learmonth. The new tank reduces any risk of disruption to supply or water incidents for Learmonth customers. 

The new tank will also provide benefit of an additional 50,000L storage capacity. 

The demolished tank materials will be recycled by CHW. 

The works support the Victorian Government’s commitment to provide a secure water future for regional Victorians.

Let's Talk Water update: December 2018 - February 2019

In this update we are pleased to report on the latest developments and progress in our community projects and infrastructure for the provision of water supply to Learmonth.


Drinking Water Fountain

We are delighted to announce the installation of a new ‘Be Smart Choose Tap’ drinking water fountain for the benefit of the netball club at Learmonth Recreation Reserve. A second drinking water fountain is also being pursued for the benefit of the football club, with both fountains providing a ready healthy hydration option for people using the oval.


New Water Storage Tank

The construction of a new 500,000 litre water storage tank has now been completed. The new tank will provide additional water storage capacity and long-term supply for the Learmonth community and was brought into service on Thursday 22 November 2018.


Learmonth Recreation Reserve groundwater bore

The bore was drilled at the reserve in late April 2018 and thanks to the successful collaboration between CHW and City of Ballarat (COB), a ‘Take and Use’ groundwater licence was acquired from Goulburn Murray Water (who manage groundwater resources in the area). Being able to utilise the new bore means reliance on town water for watering the oval is reduced and additional water storage is available for firefighting.

Caring for the Learmonth community, Central Highlands Water look forward to continuing our conversations about all things ‘water’.


You can view the Learmonth Oval Greening Fact Sheet (Jan 2019) here.

Download (PDF 1.5MB)



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