Welcome to the Clunes community portal.

Central Highlands Water (CHW) has set up this portal specifically for the Clunes community. It is an avenue and opportunity for two-way communication and engagement to take place.

This portal will be updated with information on an ongoing basis and there is also the opportunity for you to provide comments and feedback on matters you believe would be of interest to CHW.

CHW aims to work collaboratively with the community to obtain a deeper level of understanding of customer concerns and preferences and together investigate options for water quality improvements.

We look forward to our conversations and to working together, now and into the future.

Clunes Community Presentations

Central Highlands Water is coming back to the Clunes community to give you an update on the feedback we've received and to discuss latest activities, information and analysis of the quality of water.

The presentations will be held on Thursday 24 October (2 times) - 5.30 pm and 6.00 pm at The Esmond Gallery, The Warehouse, Clunes.

We look forward to our continuing conversations.

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Clunes Community Forums

Central Highlands Water held community meetings on Thursday 23 May and Saturday 25 May 2019 at The Warehouse, Clunes.

The community meetings form part of the continuing conversations with the Clunes community, following the 'Let's Talk Water' campaign and the Essential Services Commission - Price Review 2018.
Those who attended had the opportunity to participate in a blind water taste testing exercise and discuss their issues and concerns with our water quality, water supply, wastewater and customer service experts.
In June 2019 we will provide a community update to the Clunes community on 'What You Told Us', Results of the Blind Water Taste Test' and 'What Happens Next'.
In the meantime, please take a few minutes to complete our online survey (see below).

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Clunes Water System

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Community Update - July 2019

A summary of information and insight collected from our community meetings and online survey is now available. We value your feedback and look forward to our continuing conversation. Please leave a comment below if you would like to provide feedback about the community update. 


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Due to technical issues, we have removed the comments box. If you would like to comment or make an enquiry, please email us