Your responsibilities

Landowners and Central Highlands Water are responsible for different parts of a property's plumbing fixtures and fittings.


Water meter, plumbing and fixtures

Central Highlands Water is responsible for maintaining the water meter and what is known as the property service pipe for services up to and including 50mm in diameter.

Where there is no meter, or the meter is inaccessible, we are responsible up to and including the first stop tap at your property boundary.

You are responsible for the pipe beyond the water meter leading into your property. If there is no water meter, or the water meter is not situated at the front of your property (such as with units/townhouses), you are responsible for the pipe (known as the service line) beyond the stop tap, which is located at the property boundary. A stop tap is the valve that controls the flow of water that enters your property.


Sewerage, plumbing and fixtures

You are responsible for any repairs to the pipes within your property up to the point where these pipes connect to our sewer connection point.

Domestic sanitary drains collect waste from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, toilet and any other internal service pipes and fittings that are connected to our sewer connection point.

It is also your responsibility to maintain access at all times to fittings including inspection openings and Central Highlands Water access points such as manholes. These are typically identified by a vent, concrete or cast iron cover, or a concrete marker above ground.