Ballarat Begonia Festival 2019

Central Highlands Water was again proud to be the community partner of the 2019 Ballarat Begonia Festival.

This year we supported WRISC Family Violence Support with the proceeds of our stainless steel refillable bottle sales.

The focus of this year’s lawn display was social responsibility, specifically reducing our environmental impact by using refillable bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles.

To demonstrate the sheer amount of waste single-use plastic bottles create, we had our giant turtle set up on the lawn throughout the festival. The turtle’s five metre long shell was filled with single-use plastic bottles, collected by local schools who made a pledge to use refillable bottles over single-use bottles. This provided a visual representation of the burden felt by the environment due to plastic waste.

Our turtle was named Squirtle, by students at Phoenix P-12 Community College through a community competition. The school wins a Be Smart Choose Tap drinking fountain, as do Mt Pleasant Primary School, Pleasant Street Primary School and Buninyong Primary School (who collected single-use bottles). Visitors were also encouraged to place their single-use plastic bottles into Squirtle's shell.


To complement Squirtle, we ran a turtle artwork competition. We asked kindergartens, schools and community groups to create a turtle out of recycled plastic. The 30  entries were very impressive!

Over three days, we received 1760 votes for the competition which determined the winners for each category.

Each category winner receives a $100 gift card.



People's choice

FedUni Children's Centre SMB


Best Early Learning Centre entry

FedUni Children's Centre SMB


Best lower primary school entry

Phoenix P-12 Community College Year 1


Best upper primary school entry

Black Hill Primary School


Best community group entry

Midlands Day Centre