Water Supply


Central Highlands Water is responsible for the management of approximately 9,275 hectares of land within its 15 water supply catchments.

The Ballarat and district water supply is predominantly sourced from the Upper West Moorabool and Yarrowee River catchments situated to the east of Ballarat.

Maryborough’s water supply stems from the Upper Loddon catchment above Tullaroop Reservoir.

The Daylesford system lies within the Upper Loddon catchment on the tributaries above Cairn Curran Reservoir.



The Ballarat and district water supply system currently consists of ten reservoirs and has a total storage capacity of 65,189 megalitres (ML).The two main storages are White Swan Reservoir and Lal Lal Reservoir.

White Swan Reservoir has a storage capacity of 14,107 ML. It is known as an “off stream storage” - so it acts as a terminal storage for ten other local reservoirs. The water is then treated and supplied to the Ballarat district.

Lal Lal Reservoir has a total storage capacity of 59,549 ML – Central Highland Water has access to 59.9% of this water. The Reservoir captures water from the West Moorabool River, Lal Lal River and neighbouring creeks. It supplies water to Ballarat, Geelong and to an environmental reserve for releasing water into the West Moorabool River downstream.


Goldfields Superpipe

The Goldfields Superpipe delivers water from northern Victoria including the Goulburn and Campaspe River.



The Ballarat West bore site, supplements the Ballarat and District Water Supply System with up to 1700 ML/year of groundwater, with the potential to supply up to 3000 ML/year in drought subject to ministerial approval. The Bungaree groundwater source was also commissioned to supplement the Ballarat water supply system with a further 120 ML/year.


Water Treatment

Water is fully treated at the two water filtration plants situated at White Swan and Lal Lal reservoirs prior to entering the distribution network.

Ballarat Water Pty Ltd operates the plants under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement with Central Highlands Water.