Central Highlands Water is committed to delivering a capital investment program that will achieve major improvements to water and sewerage systems.

Ballan Wastewater Treatment Plant winter storage


Building for Ballan's future - Central Highlands Water invests $5.7 million

We are currently undertaking a major works program to service the ongoing growth experienced in Ballan.

The upgrade to the Ballan Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Facility is a significant infrastructure investment in the region and will include the construction of a new winter storage lagoon.

These works will provide increased recycled water availability and will support future agriculture and economic development within the region. The lagoon acts as a winter storage, storing water in the wetter months for release to irrigation during the drier months.

The works are scheduled to be completed in 2019 and include a new 140 megalitre lagoon with a High Density Polyethylene liner, an underdrainage leakage prevention and collection system.

The key benefits of this project include supporting the community's predicted population growth, the opportunity to develop an efficient and effective recycled water irrigation system and also better environmental outcomes for the region.

Fact sheet Ballan Wastewater Treatment Plant winter storage