Land management

Central Highlands Water is responsible for the management of approximately 6,000 hectares of land within its 15 water supply catchments. This land is utilised for many different purposes, including:

  • parks and gardens
  • forestry
  • grazing leases
  • cropping leases
  • biodiversity reserves - including waterways and wetlands; areas of remaining vegetation and land under regeneration
  • fire breaks
  • reservoirs, channels, tanks, pipelines
  • fences, roads, tracks, and communication facilities

To increase the productivity of our land assets, protect natural ecosystems and maintain biodiversity:

  • pests such as foxes and rabbits are continually managed through our annual Pest Animal Management Program
  • an annual control program targeting invasive trees and other perennial and woody weeds is carried out
  • significant revegetation takes place, particularly on land next to rivers, to increase river health and biodiversity
  • soil erosion control and refurbishment of surface drainage also work to maintain water losses and improve water transfers