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Our Organisation

About Us

Central Highlands Water is a regional water corporation providing high quality drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services to customers in Ballarat and surrounding towns.

Formerly known as the Central Highlands Region Water Authority, it is one of 19 state-owned water businesses operating under the guidance of the Victorian Water Act.

Providing fully integrated catchment-to-tap-to-catchment water services, we collect, store, filter, disinfect and deliver water, and collect and treat wastewater.

Central Highlands Water provides water supply and sewerage services through 68,251 water supply connections and 58,830 wastewater service connections to more than 144,000 people.

We manage over $1.125 Billion in assets, including:

  • 30 reservoirs
  • 15 water supply systems
  • 13 diversion weirs
  • 34 groundwater bores
  • 15 water treatment plants
  • 47 service basins and tanks
  • 41 water pumping stations
  • 13 wastewater treatment plants
  • 99 sewer pumping stations
  • 17 bulk water entitlements
  • 2,483 km of water mains
  • 1,393 km of sewer mains

Our Services


Water Supply

Our core function is the collection, storage, treatment, transfer and distribution of water to the community within our service area. To do this we manage and protect the water supply system.

We also identify the community’s current and future water needs, educate the public about water, and develop programs for the conservation and efficient use of water.


Our sewerage system is managed and operated for the efficient transfer, treatment and disposal of sewage. Importantly, we identify the community’s sewerage needs and plan for its future needs.

We develop and implement programs for the recycling and reuse of treated wastewater, and investigate, promote and conduct research into the provision of sewerage services.

Trade Waste

Our trade waste management program partners with industrial and commercial customers and the community to provide environmentally friendly operating systems for the delivery, treatment and disposal of trade waste.

Recycled Water

Our Class A recycled water:

  • reduces demand on our water catchments
  • helps us save a significant amount of drinking water
  • reduces the amount of wastewater discharged to regional waterways
  • provides a safe, alternative water source for gardening, irrigation of public parks, golf courses, car washing and Lake Wendouree.
  • Delivered to our customers via distinctive purple pipes, Class A recycled water is produced by Central Highlands Water at its North Ballarat Wastewater Treatment plant.


At A Glance


Organisational Structure

Our Service Region


We perform these functions in an environmentally sound way, recognising the need to preserve landscape, fauna and flora.

Central Highlands Water's head office is in Wendouree, Victoria with a customer service office in Maryborough.

Our area of operations covers the local government areas of Ballarat, Central Goldfields Golden Plains, Hepburn, Pyrenees and Moorabool.

We deliver quality water and wastewater services to customers in a service area encompassing 9,275 km square.


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