Permanent Water Saving Rules

What are Permanent Water Saving Rules? (PWSR)

Permanent water saving rules (PWSR), are a set of common sense rules that apply every day of the year to ensure we all use water efficiently.

Please note: Permanent Water Saving Rules will not prevent the need for Water Restrictions during periods of drought. For information about Water Restrictions visit:

The Key Permanent Water Saving Rules are:





Can be cleaned at any time with:

  • a hand held hose that is leak free and fitted with a trigger nozzle; or
  • a bucket

Hand-held hose

Water using a hand held hose anytime if it:

  • is fitted with a trigger nozzle; and
  • is leak free.

Gardens and lawns

Water a residential garden or lawn using:

  • a hand held hose, bucket or watering can at any time; or
  • a watering system between the hours of 6.00pm-10.00 am on any day.

Fountains and water features

Water can be used in a fountain or a water feature if the fountain or water feature recirculates the water. 

Hard surfaces

Water can be used to clean driveways, paths, concrete, tiles and timber decking if:

  • cleaning is required as a result of an accident, fire, health hazard, safety hazard or other emergency; or
  • staining to the surface has developed and then only once a season; or
  • due to construction or renovation,

and then only using:

  • a high pressure water cleaning device;
  • or a hand held hose or a bucket.



You may apply for an exemption to water restrictions in special circumstances such as if you have a medical condition or a disability.

Penalties in times of water restrictions

There are currently no water restrictions in place for any of our water supply systems.

Permanent Water Saving Rules are common sense rules which apply across the entire service region. The rules do not apply to greywater, tank water, bore water or recycled water.

In times of water restrictions, we rely on the public to report any suspected breach of water restrictions.

Although our first priority is to educate the community about efficient water usage, we also have Authorised Water Officers looking for customers who are not complying with water restrictions.

Central Highlands Water can issue a Penalty Infringement Notice (fine) without providing advance notification and we can restrict supply for repeated breaches.