Ballarat and district

The Ballarat and district water supply system has over 45,000 connections and delivers approximately 9,100 million litres of water to those connections per year.

The Ballarat and district water supply is the largest system in the central highlands region, providing water services to 97,000 residents. The water is supplied via the White Swan Reservoir, Lal Lal Reservoir, the Ballarat West Groundwater Bore and the Goldfields Superpipe.

Central Highlands Water alternates the supply between the water sources as a result of drought management protocols.

Water fluoridation – Ballarat and district

Following an instruction from The Department of Health to Central Highlands Water under SECTION 5(1) of the Health (Fluoridation) Act 1973, water flouridation was introduced to the Ballarat and district water supply system from 16 November 2009.

Click here to access a copy of Code of Practice for Fluoridation of Drinking Water Supplies - Health (Fluoridation) Act 1973. This is the Act which requires CHW as a regional water authority, to fluoridate its water supply in order to comply with state government legislation.

For any queries regarding water fluoridation, please contact the Department of Health dedicated fluoride information line on 1800 651 723. There is also extensive information on the department's website.


Current water restriction level:

Permanent water saving rules