Why Choose Tap?

In Australia, we spend more than $680 million each year on bottled water, which is why some have labelled bottled water 'marketing genius' - convincing you to buy bottled water, when you can get it from a tap at a fraction of the price.

Even though you can pay more than 2000 times the price for bottled water over tap, there are obvious benefits like convenience however, the Science journal, suggests that up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste is washed into the ocean each year.

And while Australia does not make it onto the list of the world's 20 worst polluters, we do generate 13,888 tonnes of plastic litter per year - and about a quarter of that ends up in the ocean.

By choosing tap water, you are helping the environment because less plastic is produced to make bottled water and less waste is generated in its disposal. It's better for your wallet, too. The choice is clear!





Water Fountain Locations

To help make it easier for you to find high-quality tap water in our region, we are continuing to install drinking water fountains across the Central Highlands region. To find you nearest water fountain, use the map below (please note: the map does not provide exact locations).



Water Fountain Program

We have formed community partnerships with councils, shires, community groups and local organisations to provide community drinking water fountains across the Central Highlands region.

We have currently signed up the City of Ballarat, Maryborough District Health Services, Ballarat Health Services and the Pyrenees Shire.

To join our Water Fountain Program, or to find out more information contact as via the details at the bottom of this page.



Hospitality Program

Because so many cafe and restaurant owners already offer free tap water to customers, we want to support them by providing our silver jugs for free.

All you have to do is sign up, then encourage your staff to educate customers about the benefits of tap water over bottled.

To join our Hospitality Program, or to find out more information contact as via the details at the bottom of this page.


School Program

We are working with schools across the region to encourage students to drink tap water, by offering an education program and installing drinking water fountains for students. We currently have water fountains at Wendouree Primary School, Canadian Lead Primary School, St Thomas More Primary School, Mt Clear Primary School, Gordon Primary School, Pleasant Street Primary School, Buninyong Primary School, Mt Pleasant Primary School, Phoenix P-12 Community College and Maryborough Education Centre.

We have also developed Victorian curriculum-aligned resources for primary school students to learn about choosing tap water over bottled water. Access the resources here.

To join our School Program, or to find out more information contact as via the details at the bottom of this page.


Be Smart Choose Tap Ambassadors

We are proud to have Olympian Steve Moneghetti, the Ballarat Miners/Rush and Zoe Hives as our Central Highlands Water, Be Smart Choose Tap ambassadors. 

Our Ambassadors attend some of our events and fundraising activities throughout the year, working to promote the benefits of tap over bottled water.




Contact Details

For information about, or to join any one of our programmes please email:

For more information about the Be Smart Choose Tap initiative visit: