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Be Smart Choose Tap

Choose Tap aims to promote the benefits of drinking tap water as part of a healthy lifestyle and as a positive alternative to bottled water.

More than a billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water - but sometimes in Australia we take our quality tap water for granted.

People in the Central highlands region are rightly proud of our tap water, which is primarily sourced from natural catchments.




The Choose Tap application helps you to find tap water wherever you are in Melbourne. With nearly 6000 locations, you can find tap water when you need it.





  • Browse and locate nearby taps on a map and get directions
  • Filter by features including dog bowls, refill stations, BBQ's and public toilets
  • Search by suburb
  • Report the location of a new tap
  • Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter


Please consider the Privacy Statement before installing the Choose Tap App.




Central Highlands Water have partnered with the Hepburn Shire Council to install a brand new Be Smart Choose Tap water fountain at Bourke Square in Daylesford.
Thanks to the Be Smart Choose Tap initiative, residents and tourists can now enjoy tap water instead of buying expensive bottled water when they are out and about.
Central Highlands Water Deputy Chair, Janet Dore said “With the $3 spent on a 1 litre bottle of water, you can refill a 1 litre drink bottle from the tap every day for 2 years.”
With recent research suggesting bottled water sales continue to rise in Australia, plastic waste will continue to be an environmental problem future generations will have to address.
“Almost 50% of plastic bottles end up as land fill or litter. The fountain will also act as an important reminder for residents and tourists that they can Be Smart Choose tap over bottled water to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Ms Dore.
There are over 1,000 Be Smart Choose Tap drinking fountains across Victoria. To find the locations of a Be smart Choose Tap drinking fountain in your area download the Choose Tap app from the App Store.