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The Bull-Doggie-Do


Bring your bulldog to The Bull-Doggie-Do Sunday 13 August (11am-12pm), at Alfred Deakin Place, Camp Street, Ballarat (behind the Art Gallery of Ballarat). 

Hosted by WIN TV’s Bruce Roberts, the event will feature the Western Bulldog’s mascot Ceasar, special appearances by one of the players and veterinary advice from Eureka Veterinary Hospital.

Central Highlands Water will also be a guest at the event giving-away their famous Pets Choose Tap collapsible pet bowls and Be Smart Choose Tap water bottles.


Register your bulldog at 10.30am for your chance to win some fantastic prizes. Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Best bulldog

  • Bulldog with the best trick

  • Best footy themed bulldog

  • Bulldog most like their owner


For more information contact the Community Events Officer at the City of Ballarat on 5320 5620 or email events@ballarat.vic.gov.au



A pet’s water intake can often be forgotten to food nutrition but without water, your pet’s body will dehydrate and not function properly.

While wet foods provide a small amount of moisture, water for drinking is essential because it is the main component of healthy, living cells.

As well as moving nutrients in and out of cells, water aids in the digestion of food, helps the body absorb nutrients and serves to cool the body down, ensuring a normal body temperature.



A healthy pet will generally drink enough water to stay well hydrated, but there are times when dehydration can occur.

If you suspect your pet is dehydrated, check to see if their gums appear dry, sticky or pale. Dehydrated pets may also have dry looking eyes or a dry nose.

Although this advice may not be useful or appropriate if you own a more exotic pet such as a lizard or snake!



To make sure that your pet always has enough water to keep healthy and hydrated, you must provide clean, easily accessible water daily.

Providing water in variety of bowls e.g. ceramic, plastic or stainless steel, can help you work out if they prefer one over the other.

The novelty of a pet water fountain or ice blocks in summer might also assist. Or for fussiest of pets, why not try adding flavour to the water in the form of a bone broth?

If you are concerned that your pet is not getting enough water to maintain health, talk to your veterinarian.